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Pictured here by Rick St. John is the famous Boracay Island, located in the western Visayas region of the Philippines, and the most popular vacation destination in the Philippines. Here on Boracay you can experience absolute powder soft white sand beaches, crystal clear water and endless sunshine, it's these three things that draw some 1.5 million tourist to the island of Boracay each year, from many different countries on the planet.

13 White Sand Beaches

What makes Boracay so special is that not only does it have a fantastic 2.5 mile long white sand beach that has incredible powder soft sand, it's also that this small tropical island also offers twelve (12) other beaches that have many of the same attributes. For a family vacation, there is no other destination in the Philippines that offers quite as much as this small island. As an example of the beach diversity on Boracay, you can choose to visit the second most famous beach here, which is Bulabog Beach where you will find the islands wind-surfers and kite-boarders. The wind blowing onto Bulabog Beach is from the northeast, so you will experience nice strong and steady winds, that will allow you to maximize your wind-surfing and kite-boarding experience.

On the northern end of Boracay Island you will find the third longest beach, this would be Puka Shell Beach, however, here you will not find any hotels or resorts, just a nice white sand beach with beautiful turquoise waters caressing it's shores. Tourist love to visit Puka Shell Beach for it's seclusion, and privacy as-well-as it's pristine beauty, after all it's the only beach on the island of Boracay that has not been developed, and this is why tourist love this beach more than many of the other Boracay beaches.

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